The Hungarian National Team was preparing in Abu Dhabi

"I felt something new place would be great for us. Sevilla would be too boring to us. - I was there six times wit my athletes. That was a great place, until a lot of paddlers came in Spain. I was twice in Pretoria, South Africa, but the water was horrible. In San Diego we felt good, but after many weeks I didn't want to go there anymore." -said the hungarian trainer, Katalin Fábiánné Rozsnyói.

- So you would like to change at all. Why Abu Dhabi exactly?

"Former hungarian world champion, Krisztián Bártfai lives there and he offered this place. But there were no kayaks, so he dealed with the portuguese fabric, Nelo, thet we can get boats there."

- How are your athletes prepared?

"Every athletes paddle in a single kayak in Abu Dhabi, the trying of the team boats are beginning after we arrived at home to Szolnok."