Summer in the winter in Abu Dhabi

In the United Arab Emirates there are two seasons: a very hot summer and a winter, that we feel like in spring. This takes from october to early may. Than comes the warming, whan also 45 degrees can be during the day.

In February and in March, on the time of pre-season training camps, there is a perfect 24-27 °C in Abu Dhabi. The humidity is about 40-80%. So it's worth to use sunmilk and you have to pay attention for the hydration.

There are no clouds or rain, the Hungarian National Team could train shirtless this time. We can say, there is no chance to find bad weather in UAE.

Thanks for the location of the country, the wind doesn't disturb the athletes. In the morning and in the late afternoon the water is like a mirror. Because of the tunnels, there are a lot of opportunities to train in any wind-direction, but there are many places, where the wind doesn't blow. Also the waves are much smaller than in a crowded training camp.

„The weather is always nice counter to the variability of Sevilla or Sabaudia, where you can find snow, too. No trainings failed because of the weather. – told us Dániel Pauman, olympic silver medalist kayaker. – The power of the new, the meals, the perfect service, and the good training conditions made this camp better than the others. I rather come back here than to Sevilla."