Paddle every day in Abu Dhabi

In the last two year many worldclass athlete was preparing on the water of Abu Dhabi, but the everyday kayaking was not average in the United Arab Emirates.

Noukhada Adventure Company is renting kayaks and canoes on the biggest beach of Abu Dhabi, the Yas Beach. Noukhada ordered some hungarian-branded mini-kayaks to teach children and adults to kayaking. A hungarian trainer, Peter Szvoboda will help them in this project, who was a junior coach in Hungary for 17 years.

„I was tired of everyday work and beacause of this I wasn't enthusisastic as I was at the beginning. So I would like to change and fortunatelly I get this job offer." – said Peter.

„We began with dragonboating. A lot of workplaces, like Etihad have trainings with us and we would like to continue this tendence with schools."

Int he future Noukhada would like to go in Dubai to strengths the recreation line and do workouts for children and adults, too. Peter Szvoboda is th ebest solution for them, because he was the first coach of European Champion, Tamás Szalai.