Dragonboat training camp in Abu Dhabi

In 2014 the most of the hungarian national team and other countries came to Abu Dhabi in the Training Camp UAE. After these succcess, we travelled two-two 10- and 20-seat dragonboat to Abu Dhabi to run our new project: hosting dragon boat teams.

Our partner, Noukhada Adventure Company is waiting for the teams with three other boats, coaches and support staff.

Dragonboating is a fast-developing sport, which needs good preparing from its athletes. We believe Abu Dhabi is the best choice for it!

With the 30°C temperature, 160 kilometers of flatwater and its exotic culture brings the city a new color in the monoton, stressful everydays. You can see the lot of spectacles thanks for our other partner, Enjoy The Sun. They give English assisstance in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and also in the desert.

We are waiting for you from 25 January! Be the first, who discover Abu Dhabi as a dragon boat paddler!

For more information, send us an e-mail!